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Welcome to Dynamic Tweets

DynamicTweets allows individuals or businesses to enter future tweets and schedule them to be posted at a specified day and time.  And why would you want to schedule a tweet...

We are all busy, attending meetings, answering phone calls and just going through life's motions and we don't always have the time or energy to communicate our thoughts or important information at the exact moment when we need to communicate this information to others.  With Dynamic Tweets you can ensure your important tweets will be sent on time and on schedule. Here are a few examples of how you might use our service...

  • Reminders - tweet reminders of upcoming events, meetings, game start times
  • Marketing campaigns - tweet out special coupons, promos, give aways at specified times
  • Press/Media - tweet announcements of new products or services
  • Social - appear to be up late or at a particular place or venue

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